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12 Cozy Harvest Home Decorating Ideas

Costumes are being chosen, holiday plans are being made, and cornucopias are being placed on display. The air has become just a bit more crisp. Autumn is upon us and with the change of season comes a playful change in scenery at home. Fall is a particularly fun time to decorate, as you prepare for cold weather visitors that the season brings. It’s an opportunity to warm up the home.

We’ve created a list of our favorite harvest home decorating ideas brought by HGTV, Country Living, or good ol’ Pinterest (admit it, you have a Fall board).

1. Warm up your dining room table

Make it so your family and guests don’t want to leave the table— even when the last crumb is gone. This also welcomes activities taking place at the table, outside of eating. The best conversations can happen here.

2. Add burlap and lace to vases or mason jars

A charming and rustic vase for your fresh mums!

3. Craft a rustic tray

Add acorns, pinecones, mini gourds, and tealights to a tray creates a lovely Fall vibe.

4. Dress up your pumpkins

Who said pumpkins had to be scary this time of year? They can be classy too! Just whip out the decoupage and some leaves from the outdoors to create a fine decorating piece. This can even be done with lace for an even classier look!

5. Feature Fall foods


If you’re not in to the traditional cornucopia, maybe for something more simple (or go crazy and feature both)!


6. Decorate with pumpkin patch signs

7. Make festive lanterns

Add coffee beans, candy corn, acorns, or any other small Fall foods to the bottom of a lantern or mason jar to be the base for your candles.

8. Scavenge for decorations

The best part about this bouquet? It’s free! Just step outside and find twigs in the best condition. They can be a great pop of color!

9. Cozy up the corner

Make it that much easier for you and your guests to warm up this Fall.

10. Have hay bales and corn wreaths at your front door

Rustic is festive.

11. Add some plaid

Add a cozy vibe to any room with a plaid throw or pillow.

12. Create your own pumpkin

You wont have to worry about rotting gourds with this fun and festive DIY! You can save this decoration to use year after year. Step-by-step instructions here.


Whether you celebrate the upcoming holidays or not, it’s always fun to add a festive flair when the season changes!




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