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13 Bad Examples Of Listing Photos

We’ve all seen some goofy photos used on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. A meme has even surfaced showing funny listings of people trying to sell mirrors. No matter how great of an item you’re selling, the marketing presentation and the ad makes or breaks the sale.

Why should the listing for your home be any different? This is likely the biggest sale you’ll ever complete. The marketing should be near perfect.

To play it safe, avoid anything you see here:

1. The person/flash in the mirror

The best tip is to remove the mirror from the wall, place on the ground, and take the photo from an angle where you won’t show your phone or hands in the shot. Then, you can crop and rotate the photo so it looks natural.

2. The random person in bed

Oh, this doesn’t make the room look inviting?

3. Which house is it?

It’s nice to know what the neighborhood is like, right?

4. Hiding behind the curtain

“Quick, get out of the shot!”

5. Grainy photos

6.  Too much stuff, not enough space

7. The fully in-use bathroom

Clutter alert!

8. Just the shower tile

9. The cool thing you have in your house but isn’t coming with the house

Thanks for making me jealous. When I move in I will, unfortunately, not have an arcade game set up.

10. A photo of just the yard

Although garden space can be a great selling point, these photos don’t sell houses. They can also be easily skewed as there is obviously a yard on the other side of this space. Who gets this garden?

11. Office space

It’s nice to know that there is space for you to work, but these computers and table most likely won’t be coming with the home. It’s best to just show the space, not the equipment.

12. Is this included in the lot?

13. A photo of a photo of the home, posted online

Although this might get you more clicks, it’s possible those clicks are just to laugh at the marketing presentation.

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