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5 Ways To Rethink Plastic In Your Home

Plastic Free July is coming to a close. Thanks to this month long challenge, the global plastic waste crisis is receiving an insane amount of attention— for good reason! National Geographic says “some 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year from coastal regions.” Forty percent of this plastic is one-use plastic. Meaning it is immediately discarded (and most likely discarded improperly, since only 9% of plastics are recycled in America).

These facts are stirring outrage into American citizens. Social media is blowing up with tips on living plastic/waste free. You’ve probably seen the popular “ban on straws” trend that has arisen. Efforts are being made, it’s just time to think bigger.

It is, indeed, about more than a straw or grocery bag (although, each American uses about 364 plastic bags each year). We can do better in a number of areas in our daily lives.

Don’t let this sway you into thinking that plastic is bad. It’s really the misuse and mass production of plastic that is the problem. For Portland specific tips, check out Conscious By Chloe’s blog.

Use these tips to shrink your footprint that you leave behind on this planet— for more than just a month.

1. Rethink the Tupperware

Glass alternatives are not only better for the environment, but better for you! No one wants that heated up plastic taste mixing in with their food. Kill two birds with one stone by giving Pyrex or Glasslock a try.

1a. Take the new and improved food containers with you when you order “to-go”

Most restaurants have no problem making your food “for here” and letting you transfer it over to your own containers.

2. Ditch the aluminum foil and plastic wrap

Give Wrap-N-Mat sandwich wrappers a try!

3. Say goodbye to plastic garbage bags

Amazon has a number of certified compostable nonplastic bin liners!

4. Switch out your cleaning products

Whether it’s for bath and body or for home cleaning, My Plastic Free Life and Nature’s Nurture blogs each have a number of ideas. From laundry pods to toothpaste to disinfectant.

5. Shop in bulk

I know it’s not easy to make your own products all the time. This doesn’t have to prevent you from living a waste-free life. Check out co-ops near you and hit your local farmer’s market the next time you need something. They will surprise you!

The internet is certainly your friend when it comes to this. You can read all about plastic free beef jerky and plastic free deodorant. Nearly all of the products you already use can be made waste-free. You just have to search for the recipe. The important thing is to always stay informed and try your best. When it comes to environmental activism, there is no such thing as perfection. Reducing your waste and making a conscious effort is the best we can do. Take this energy home with you. Make your home as environmentally friendly as possible.


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