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6 Cost Effective Home Staging Tricks

While curb appeal is what catches the eye, the interior is what sells your home. Staging is a powerful marketing tool to assist with a faster and potentially higher priced sale. The goal is to have the buyer absolutely fall in love, and staging urges that process along by highlighting your homes’ strengths.

Staging is so much more than removing clutter and choosing the right furniture to keep or toss. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to updates and decorations to create the perfect homey look. These updates can get pricey, however. Thanks to HGTV, though, we’ve filtered through their tips for tricks with little to no cost.

Save some pocket change by making use of these free tips before spending the big bucks on staging ideas:

1. Display your art creatively

Generally, rooms are decorated the same when it comes to wall hangings. We tend to place art high on the wall, encircling the room. However, placing your art in stereotypical spaces can make it invisible— when the goal is to stand out. Break up your groupings of art and vary the heights of each piece. Have fun with it!

2. Remedy any lighting issues

Great lighting is key to staging your home. HGTV experts say most homes are improperly lit. Increasing the wattage in each room and adding more fixtures creates a warm room. The tip is to have three light fixtures: one for general or overhead lighting, one for ambiance, and another as an accent piece or decoration.

3. Float furniture away from walls

Experts say the idea a room will appear larger if the furniture is against the wall is false. Rooms appear more spacious with “floating furniture.” Having a clear flow of traffic will make the room more user-friendly. Therefore the room will be more desirable.

4. Raid your yard for flower arrangements

Even if you don’t have a large or lush gardening space, there is likely some clippings you can make use of. Create an arrangement for the kitchen or living room and watch your buyer fall in love as you say, “they’re from right outside!”

5. Make use of awkward space

If a space in the home appears boring or useless, add a little something to give it purpose. The space under a slanted ceiling can become a reading nook or desk, lanterns or succulents can be hung in corners, underneath the staircase can be spiced up, etc. Think creatively!

6. Remove evidence of pets

HGTV experts state that evidence of pets is, unfortunately, a turn off to buyers. Your lovable ball of fluff probably creates a homey vibe for you, but it may not for those viewing your home. De-personalizing the home is every expert’s first tip. A pet is very personal.


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