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5 Summertime DIY Projects For The Home

Hopefully your first few weeks of Summer have allowed for quality time outside. If you need some ideas to make your home the hot spot for barbecues, take these tips with you the next time you stop by Michaels. Spruce up the front steps or give your patio parties a bit of pizzazz with these DIY summertime projects.

1. Table top firepit

This miniature firepit is perfect for parties on the patio— or for toasting some ‘mallows.

Lancaster Online lists these supplies for this project:

  • Unglazed terra cotta pots
  • Heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • Charcoal
  1. Line the pots with the aluminum foil
  2. Fill with charcoal
  3. Light and let the coals burn down a bit

2. Wine bottle torch

Either keep the mosquitos away or add some extra lighting to your nighttime endeavors! 

According to Design Sponge, you will need these items for this project:

  • Empty Wine Bottle (You can use any bottle you like as long as it’s glass and the neck is 1” in diameter. Be clever!)
  • Teflon Tape 1/2”
  • 1/2” x 3/8” Copper Coupling
  • 1/2” Copper Cap
  • 1” Split Ring Hanger (threaded for 3/8”-16 thread rod)
  • Tiki Replacement Wick
  • Torch Fuel (For safety reasons, only use fuel made specifically for outdoor torches. i.e. Tiki brand)

1. Carefully and tightly wrap the 1/2” end of the Coupling with your Teflon Tape. You’ll want to keep each wrap nice and clean so that it creates a smooth, even surface. Continue building up the tape until it fits very snugly into the opening of your bottle. You obviously don’t want it to fall in.
2. Insert the Wick into the Coupling until it sticks out about 1/4”. The Tiki brand replacement wicks are about 3/8” in diameter so they fit really well. Once they absorb the torch oil they’re even tighter.
3. Unscrew the Split Ring Hanger on one side and position the bottleneck into the ring.
4. Flip the front half of the ring back into place and tighten down the Hanger evenly on both sides. You may need to loosen the other side to make sure both sides are an even tightness. (Don’t over tighten the Hanger. You don’t want to break the glass.)
5. Use a funnel to fill the bottle with your favorite torch oil.
6. Insert the Coupling & Wick into the top of the bottle and twist it snugly into place. Give the Wick a few minutes to absorb the oil before you try to light it.
7. Use the Copper Cap to keep the Wick dry when you’re not using your torch.

3. Tire “pouff”

Add some extra seating, a pop of color, or storage to your backyard!

For this project, House Wives of Riverton  say you’ll need these supplies:

  • Tires
  • Fabric
  • Paint
  • Stuffing
  • Wood

** Pick your fabric for the tires first so you can find the right paint to match. **

  1. Paint your tire with the first coat, give it a FULL DAY to dry, and then add a second coat.
  2. Cut your wood circles that will be the base of your seat.  You’ll need to measure the inside opening of the tire – you’ll want to measure so the wooden part sits on the inner lip.
  3.  To create the pouff you’ll need stuffing.
  4. Lay the fabric out so there is plenty of room around the wooden circle
  5. Gather some of the fabric up and begin stapling to the circle.
  6. Go about 1/3 the way around and then started stuffing the pouff.
  7. Have the pouff as fluffed and stuffed as you want and keep pulling the fabric nice and tight around the edge, stapling all the way around.

4. Outdoor beverage station

Take fewer trips inside to raid the fridge with this summer life hack!

For this neat idea, Lil’ Luna suggests these supplies:

  • Beverage Tub
  • Pails
  • Galvanized Pipes (Lowe’s)
  • Galvanized Connectors (Lowe’s)
  • Galvanized End Caps (Lowe’s)
  • J-B Weld
  1. Use Original J-B Weld to glue this piece to the bottom center of the large bucket.

**Before gluing, clean both services and lightly sand.**

2. Use the connector piece to put in a large piece of pipe where the smaller buckets would hang off of. Let this dry overnight.

3. From there, connect all the pieces.


4. Add end caps and screw in the center pipe.

5. Fill the bucket with your summertime necessities (such as ice, soda, water, napkins, and cutlery!).




5. Mason jar luminaries

Keep the bugs away and add a fresh summertime scent to your front porch or backyard!

A Little Claireification lists these supplies for this project:

  • 4 Mason Jars (you can also recycle jelly jars, etc)
  • 40 drops each – Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemon and Thieves essential oils (or use your own combination of oils but these are known to be good for outside). This equals TEN drops of each oil / jar.
  • 2 fresh lemons
  • 2 fresh limes
  • 8 sprigs fresh rosemary
  • water
  • Floating tea light candles
  1. Slice the lemons and the limes and set aside for a moment
  2. Place two sprigs of rosemary  into each jar
  3. Fill each jar 3/4 full with water
  4. Add the essential oils of your choice  – 10 drops each per jar – and swirl slightly
  5. Place a slice each of lemon and lime into each jar
  6. Add more water if needed to raise the level to almost full
  7. Place a floating tea light candle on top
  8. Set outside, light and make some magic once you light them*
  9. Replace tea lights as needed
  10. Discard fruit and liquid in jar after 2 – 3 days depending on your climate
  11. Rinse jars and start fresh as needed



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