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A Quick Curb Appeal Hack

Creating curb appeal may sound expensive if your mind instantly turns to house painting, roof repairs, and lawn treatments. Curb appeal can mean so much more, however. If you read 10 DIY Home Upgrades For Under $50, then you saw some cute ideas that included a few front door decorations. If you’re looking for another quick spruce up to make all the neighbors and passersby stop to admire, then front door gardens are your new best friend!

These eye-catching entries add class and style to any porch.

1. Use benches to set your planters on


2. Fill baskets with a seasonal fruit for a unique look

3. Put trees with over-sized leaves in over-sized planters

4. Give your porch garden edible or medicinal purpose by adding veggies and herbs

5. Add brightly colored pots to your porch

6. Fill wicker baskets

7. Add a topsy-turvy vertical garden for a visually pleasing look

8. Fill an antique milk can

9. Fill old watering cans

10. Use an old porch pillar as your base for a pot

11. Create a vertical garden that will give your door a heightened look


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