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Buyers vs. Sellers In Portland’s Market

More than 32,000 people moved to Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties last year. According to KPTV, “the number of people moving into Oregon surpassed the number of people leaving the state by more than 50,000 for the second consecutive year.” People are coming; they are staying. 

With this large influx in the population, matched with a home inventory lasting only 1.6 months, Portland’s seller market trend stands strong. Lets face it, being a buyer and being a seller is two completely different experiences in seller markets. Whichever one you are, having the right real estate agent will create a positive energy around the transaction.

The slim supply holds many perks for anyone who is considering listing their home. With so much competition, there is a guarantee of multiple offers coming in. This can bring in potential high ballers.  The right broker can weed out “bargain shoppers” so no one attempts to take advantage of a seller’s lack of experience.

Homes on the market are are also spoken for quickly in the Portland metro. Sellers can move on to their next endeavor fast— and hopefully with ease! 

For buyer’s, it can certainly feel less easy. Offers in the Portland area will, no doubt, be competing with other offers. Again, having the right agent is key here. Having someone to negotiate, research the market, put together the perfect offer, and coach you through the process is extremely beneficial.

There is definitely a perk to being a buyer interested in flipping homes. Portland is becoming an incredible city for flipping. Flipping buyers should have no problem finding their dream home’s skeleton or an investing opportunity.

Find the right broker for you— and tell them thank you! It’s likely they are driving all over the metro area, showing homes in Sandy, then Canby, Hillsboro, etc. The right agent will do that for you.



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