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Your Door Speaks…

What does the color of your front door say about you?

Your front door entrance area is the first impression of your home…and as the saying goes…
“you have only one chance to make a first impression”.
The color of your door is a portal to your personality not just your home. It says something about its residents inside.
My front door is red. (actually wineberry) A red door says I am brutally honest… bold, brave, and easily excited.
The owner of a red door is passionate about their beliefs and never afraid to tell people exactly what they think.
Picky and particular, it may be difficult for others to meet your standards.
Hmmm…I”ll have to think about that?
But it is amazing how much your entry can say about you.
What color is your front door?  Take the test to see what your front door color says about you too!
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